Access New, Younger Donors

A new way to fundraise!

Access New Pools of Donors
Impact Local’s donors are significantly younger and technology-centered than traditional donors
Broaden Exposure
Now anyone passing through their neighborhood or interested in their cause can easily find and support their organiation
Reduce Marketing Spend
Impact Local is a new channel to reach potential donors and requires little bandwidth from a team resulting in lower marketing send per $ raised
Better Engage Supporters
Using Impact Local’s challenges, groups and social, as well as using Impact Local’s data and analytics

Impact Local's
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How Impact Local Works

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Gain Visibility
Get showcased in your area to everyone on the app
Receive Donations
Receive safe, secure transaction right from donors phones
Track campaign progress through Impact Local's nonprofit web-portal

A compelling feature
set for nonprofits

Passionate Support
We're here to make sure you have a seamless experience. Are team is always around if you're looking for help utilizing Impact Local to maximize your organizations' fundraising potential
Advanced security to ensure you and your donors' information and transaction data remain private and locked up
Organized Donor Information
We'll provide you with all the information you need to fulfill you KYC requirements and keep your records in order
Fast, Secure Payment
We use the same payment technologies as the largest online retailers and apps. Once signed up, donations will flow directly from the donor into you bank account
Multiple Campaigns
Have multiple areas you are fundraising for (operations, capital campaigns, departments, items, etc.)? Split them up into different campaigns. Our research shows that donors prefer specific causes over general pools
We'll Bring The Data
Impact Local pulls in a whole bunch of data about your organization from your IRS filings to save you time and give prospective donors helpful information to make an informed decision
Simple Web Experience
So simple anyone can use it! Signup, build your nonprofits profile and create campaigns all in a matter of minutes ⚡️

Always free to
sign up!

Any nonprofit organization can sign up for free with no monthly fees or contract required. Impact Local charges a nominal platform fee on donations collected. At checkout, users can opt to cover those fees, and ~90% typically do!

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Impact Local is live in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Sign up today to expand your reach to younger, technology-centered donors and experience the benefits of Impact Local easy to use platform.

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