A New Way To Donate

An easy to use mobile app designed to help you find, research, donate and share nearby charities that are making our world stronger!

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Amazing organizations making a difference

Our Product

A simple, fast & fun way to get involved!


Impact Local’s simple user interface and location-based curation ensures you can quickly and easily find ways to help out. Discover local nonprofits and unique causes you didn't know existed


Everything you need to make a sound decision on where to donate. No more googling, asking around or picking up the phone to get information

Instantly Donate

Once you've found a great cause, checkout in a few clicks! Impact Local uses advanced payment + security technologies and keeps track of your donation history making tax season a breeze 💨

Share And Support

Share the causes you discover with your friends, family and neighbors. Interact, love and comment on the great things they're involved in!


The features that make our platform unique

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Mobile app

Our lives are mobile, donating should
be too

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Discover nonprofits based in your area doing amazing things!

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Amazing Nonprofits

It's a lot easier to find opportunities when they're all in one place. Find local nonprofits doing great things locally, nationally, and across the world!

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Information and Analytics

Bringing you powerful nonprofit data from Candid to make your decisions easier

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Modern Checkout

Advanced security and payment technologies just like all your favorite online retailers and delivery apps

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Donation Tracking

Detailed records of you donation history, plus tax receipt tracking

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Making Donating Social

What if we shared and interacted with something more meaningful than silly dance videos?

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A Community

Looking to find, showcase and support each other and our communities

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We are the next-gen fundraising solution

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Access New Pools Of Donors

Now anyone passing through your neighborhood or interested in your cause can easily find and support you

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Secure, Easy Payment

By lowering the barriers to donating we can get more people involved and acting more frequently

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Data To Better Engage Donors

Spend less time trying to figure out how to fundraise effectively and more time on your cause


People are looking for a better solution

People want to donate more
Nonprofits find it hard to reach local donors
Of household donations done online today
Decline in average US annual household giving 2000 to 2018
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