About us

About Impact Local

Impact Local is changing how people discover and support local non-profits. The easy-to-use mobile app helps users discover, research, and donate to nearby nonprofits and then share their discoveries with the community

Our story

The story behind how our company was founded

The idea for Impact Local came from an encounter while walking down the street in New York City. Our founder came across a person in need and wanted to help out, but didn't have his wallet and therefore couldn't run into the store and grab the person some food. Then it hit him... why isn't there a way for people to pull out their phones and donate $5 to a local food bank just like you can order a pizza or call an Uber. After a few years of refinement of this idea, Impact Local was born.

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Our mission

Working to increase donating in our communities

Impact Local is designed to dramatically reduce the barriers to donating and keep people more engaged in philanthropic activities. We believe simple technology can help convince those sitting on the sidelines to become involved with philanthropy, keep people more engaged in giving and help get younger generations excited about making a difference. Let's reverse the declines in US household donating that have persisted over the past 15 years!

Our values

The values that shape everything we do

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Results Matter

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